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Face-To-Face Counselling, Online Counselling via ZOOM and Telephone Counselling Sunshine Coast

Online Counselling and Telephone Counselling sessions are now available, as well as Face-To-Face sessions.  We all lead busy lives and sometimes it’s hard to juggle things in order to make counselling sessions.  So for those of you who have difficulty attending a session in person, I now offer online counselling sessions via phone and ZOOM.  Sometimes people find it easier to talk on the phone, rather than being seen, whatever your preference I am flexible.

Phone and ZOOM sessions are particularly useful for those of you who work away e.g. FIFO workers, who are often working in very remote areas for weeks at a time, away from family and friends.  This can make you feel very isolated and can take a toll on your relationship and family life, at these times it’s good to discuss your thoughts and issues with a trained counsellor.  I am here to help you through the tough times that you may be experiencing.  We can discuss how you are feeling in a safe, secure, confidential environment.

Women generally find it easier to talk about their feelings, men on the other hand really stuggle to talk about how they may be feeling especially to work mates, friends or even a partner. The stereotypical man has been told from a very young age by his peers not to show any kind of weakness, not to cry, not to show any emotion, for fear of being ridiculed or made to feel a sissy. Hence the huge problem that now exists with men suffering with mental health problems, depression, anxiety, stress, anger, etc.  So if you think you need to get things off your chest and feel better about yourself and your relationships with your partner, work mates, family and friends then give me a call.

A Doctor's Referral or Mental Health Plan is not required.