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Relationships, Couples & Marriage

Do you have relationship issues? We handle relationship breakdowns, problems and provide guidance as well as offer couples therapy, pre-marriage and marriage counselling.  What ever the reason for your relationship issues we can work together to get your relationship back on track.  Relationship Counselling, Couples, pre-marriage and marriage counselling really can help. Plus it’s much cheaper than getting a divorce.

All relationships and Marriages hit a rocky patch somewhere along the way, it is how you deal with these crisis’ that determine if your relationship will survive. The most successful strategy for dealing with these issues is to attend relationship counselling sessions.  Unfortunately many couples believe that things will get better on their own, alas this is not the case.  It’s far easier to bury your head in the sand and just carry on, but in time,  issues will get worse and escalate.  Are you arguing all the time, or are you just not communicating at all?

It is important to talk to a qualified relationship and/or pre-marriage and marriage counsellor, about your relationship issues, particularly if you are unsure about how to address them. Effective relationship counselling therapy addresses many aspects of the relationship.

When relationships falter there is normally a communication breakdown.  Therefore, communication is one of the primary focuses of relationship counselling therapy. There are many reasons why your relationship maybe suffering, listed below are a few that you may relate to:

  • family disputes
  • ageing parents
  • job security
  • demanding children
  • lack of intimacy
  • empty nest syndrome
  • infidelity
  • ineffective communication patterns
  • few shared activities
  • mid-life crisis

Together we will explore these issues, discuss and devise strategies and set goals to help to improve your communication and your relationship, but it takes commitment from both parties to see the process through to a successful outcome.

At Crystal Clear Counselling I offer individual or couple’s Relationship counselling, in a non-confrontational, empathetic environment. I see couple’s separately at first, this helps me to get the perspective from both sides.   You will then be given relationship growth handouts to complete individually which are mainly to do with communication, I then see you as a couple.

It takes commitment and effort from both parties to make change and build a healthier relationship, but this takes time and will not be fixed in one session, after all you could have been experiencing problems in your relationship for years.  

Let’s work through your relationship issues together.  Seek help before it’s too late.  Unfortunately this seems to be a growing trend recently and by the time the couple seek help, one party has already made up their mind that the relationship cannot be saved, which is very sad, especially when children are involved.

Call me today, don’t delay. The longer you experience these feelings/issues within your relationship without seeking help, the worse your relationship will become. If you want to save your relationship/marriage, then call me.  Relationship counselling can help get your relationship back on track.  

Pre-Marriage Counselling

If you are planning to get married, then why not make an appointment to come for pre-marriage counselling prior to the big day. Couples spend thousands on the big day but once the honeymoon is over then the stress of everyday life can put a strain on any relationship.  By attending pre-marriage counselling you will develop some strategies and tools to help you communicate on a better level with your partner and this will help to set you on the correct path for the future.

A Doctor's Referral or Mental Health Plan is not required.